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Automobile Loans


House and Car

Auto loans allow people to borrow money by using the vehicle they are buying as collateral. Taking an auto loan with us results in a series of benefits:

  • Affordable monthly payments ($434 on average)
  • Low *APR starting at 3.45%
  • Free internet banking and bill pay
  • Instant approval rate
  • Easy to qualify
  • Low down payment
  • No application fees
  • Build credit
  • **Available bonuses (free services/fuel/road tax)
  • Fast loan decision
  • Pre-qualifying / pre-approval available

*APR rates are subject to change. Enable email notifications to stay informed.

**Check the availability of bonuses upon application

*Rates depend on several factors, including:

  • Your credit history (the better your score, the more chances you have to get approved)
  • Vehicle details (age, type,condition)
  • Payment means and terms
  • The cost of the vehicle relative to the loan amount.

Rates may change. Check our newsletter regularly to stay informed with the latest changes.

Make us your bank to take advantage of our offers and

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